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Pro Plumber San Diego is the premier Emergency plumbing company of San Diego. We offer Emergency plumbing services to local residents and businesses.

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toilet plumber san diego

There is no household that has not had a clogged toilet at one time or another. If you flush the wrong items down the drain, then it could create a clogged toilet that cannot be salvaged with only a plunger. Some emergency floods start with broken toilets or broken piping. Call us if your toilet has a serious flood!

pro plumber san diego

Water Line
It is common for older homes to have a lot of rust and calcium deposits build up in their water line. You must repair your water line to remove these elements from your water. Sometimes waterlines burst and cause flooding. If you need a flood resolved, call us ASAP! 

Garbage Disposal
Do you have a garbage disposal in your kitchen? If so, they can often break by adding the wrong items to them. We can repair your garbage disposal whenever it is causing you problems. If you have flooding in your kitchen, call us!

Water Heater
Has the water in your home or business stopped getting hot? If that’s the case, then the water heater probably needs to be fixed. Our plumbers are experienced in resolving water heater issues and burst water heaters. If there is a Flood, we got you covered also!

Our team of professional plumbers possesses all the necessary credentials for operating in San Diego and its neighborhoods. Whenever you contact Pro Plumber San Diego to do a plumbing job on your property, we promise to live up to our name. Every emergency plumbing service call comes with quality assurance. 

Our Emergency Plumbing services are comprised of several different categories. Most people think about pipes and water leaks when they think about plumbing. Although these are very common plumbing problems, they are not the only plumbing problems you may come across. Other common problems might involve your toilets, water lines, drains, gas leak, sewer line, septic systems, water heater, garbage disposals, and sinks flooding. We handle emergency flooding calls as we are quick to mitigate water with a water mitigation partner also 24/7 available, we will rapidly stop water flow and make necessary repairs as quickly as possible because our mitigation partners deploy along side our plumbing services.

Call Pro Plumber for an Emergency Flood 27/7 and we will rapidly restore your home or business to normal. 

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