General Plumbing Services

Do you have high water bills at the end of each month? You might be spending hundreds of dollars more on water than you should be. It happens all the time when people have leaky toilets or drippy faucets that remain unresolved. If you were to hire the plumbers of Pro Plumber San Diego to resolve those issues, it would save you hundreds of dollars or more per year.

Water Heater Repair & Replacement

Did you know that most water heaters only last 6-9 years and then should be replaced? A water heater is what allows hot water to come out of your faucet, bathtub basin, and the showerhead. It would be impossible to clean yourself with hot water if you didn’t have a water heater attached to your water line. The water would come out strangely if you don’t have enough hot water, no hot water, water damage staining at the base of the water heater or if you have an older water heater.

Water Line Repair

Every residential and commercial property has a water line. A water line is what allows water to flow to your appliances and fixtures. Since you have a water line running all throughout your property, it would cause total devastation if that water line were to suffer a leak or damage.

Faucet and Sink Repair

Do you have a broken faucet or sink? If so, then you’re probably dealing with water leakage on a regular basis. It doesn’t take a lot of damage for a faucet or sink to leak water either. Even the tiniest crack in a faucet or sink could cause a disastrous water leakage issue. If you wait to repair the issue, the consequences could be quite costly and devastating. We can also help if you just want to update the look of your kitchen/faucet.

Drain Repair

Every sink, shower, and bathtub in your home or business is connected to a drain. The purpose of a drain is to allow water to leave after you have used it for washing and cleaning purposes.

Gas Line Repair

Do you have a gas line on your property in San Diego? If so, then you should never wait to fix a gas line leak. Natural gas might provide your home or business with essential energy, but it can also be an extremely serious health hazard too.

Sewer Line Repair

Sewer line issues are never a fun part of the job. However, every San Diego home or business depends on a strong and active sewer line in order to prevent sewage from backing up and causing health concerns on the properties.


Hydrojetting is the latest innovation in drain unclogging technology. Pro Plumber San Diego uses this technology to thoroughly clear out the debris in clogged drains and pipes.