For instance, if you have a water leak that forms underneath your home, then it could easily penetrate through the foundation and cause irreversible damage to it. Once you have a home with a damaged foundation, it basically becomes uninhabitable. Then you’ll have to pay thousands of dollars in repair costs. It is so much easier to hire a professional to repair the water line before you have bigger problems like this. If you need water line repair in San Diego, call Pro Plumber San Diego today!

It is easy to notice when you have a water line problem. You might see water leaking up from the ground outside around your property or through the walls inside your property. Not only will your foundation suffer the consequences, but the drywall and internal structure of your property will suffer damage as well. Then you might have to rebuild the entire structure if that happens.

Here are the top four most common symptoms of water line repair San Diego:

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Damp Walls

Do you see wet rings or wet spots on your ceiling or walls? If so, then it means you have a water leak somewhere in the pipes behind the walls or rafters. This is most likely water damage.


If you see mold growth or notice a musty smell in any of your rooms, then it could be a sign of water leakage. Mold loves damp and wet areas, so a water leak would certainly qualify for that.

Weak Water Pressure

You’ll have less water pressure coming out of your sinks, bathtub, and shower if there is a damaged water line. This is one of the biggest indicators because a damaged water line affects all the water of the property.

Water Outside

The lawn, driveway, or street outside of your property will accumulate water if the water line has been damaged. After all, water lines run underneath the outside landscape. If the damage occurred in the line underneath your yard, then you will see water there more.

Pro Plumber San Diego treats water line damage and leaks seriously. If you notice any water leakage in or around your property, give us a call immediately. Our plumbers can come to your property no matter what time of the day or night it happens to be. Water line problems cannot wait to be fixed because the consequences of waiting are far too serious.

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