Since you live in Southern California, you have to abide by certain water restrictions that are enforced by the local government. The same goes for businesses that operate in Southern California as well. The restrictions attempt to limit the amount of water consumption of local residents and business owners. If you need plumbing repair in San Diego, give us a call!

But if you have a water leak in your sink, toilet, or pipes, then you could inadvertently break the water consumption rules. Once that happens, local city officials might serve you with a citation that costs you hundreds of dollars more in expenses. That is why you should not wait for your plumbing issue to get resolved. Fix it immediately so that you can stay in compliance with local water restriction guidelines.

Pro Plumber San Diego can perform all kinds of general plumbing repair services for residential and commercial properties in the San Diego area. Our most common general plumbing service requests include the following:

Water Line Repair

Older San Diego homes tend to have a problem with rust or calcium accumulation in their water lines. If you notice something is not right with the quality of your water, then you should have us come and repair your water lines.

Pipe Repair

The most common problems with plumbing systems involve their pipes. Old or damaged pipes can cause water leaks, gas leaks, or even sewage leaks. Your property is comprised of at least three different types of pipes. Our plumbers have the skill to repair water pipes, gas pipes, and sewage pipes whenever necessary.

plumbing repair san diego

Drain Repair

Drains get clogged all the time for various reasons. If certain debris or objects are clogging your drain and preventing water from leaving your sink or shower, then our plumbers can resolve the issue with our professional drain unclogging tools.

Toilet Repair

Toilet issues are always a common thing. A toilet might get clogged from flushing the wrong thing, or it may simply get damaged because its internal components are old and worn out. Whatever the reason, our plumbers can repair your toilet and get it flushing normally again.

This is just a small sample of the services that we can provide you. If you need any of these services or other plumbing services, please contact Pro Plumber San Diego right away. We look forward to hearing from you.

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